Georgetown Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt BoxHave you spotted one of the black boxes labeled Georgetown Scavenger Hunt yet? If so, you might already be on your way to discovering some hidden gems around the neighborhood, collecting cool art from local artists, or securing a piece of sweet Georgetown swag by finding all 12 trading cards. (If not, we can get you started! Here are a set of clues to two of the cards! Cardamom, London Fog, and Porter–sweet and savory mixes you may order. In their new location, you can buy a slice of any taste sensation. and For your next look, come into this corner place. Get your hair cut, a tattoo, or something for your face. Happy hunting!)  

The Georgetown Association of Arts and Culture has hidden trading cards in local businesses around the neighborhood that you can find and collect. Each card has clues to three more locations and features one piece of original artwork by artists JP Anderson, Lilly Hotchkiss, Dave Clay, Dan Mahon, Mary Gioia, M. Anne Sweet, Essa Baird, Franscesca Rosati, Jordan Lee, Melissa Knowles, Drew Welliver, and Brittany Otto. 

On February 16th, bring your complete set to our party at Mini Mart City Park between 7-9pm to claim a prize, your choice of a trucker hat or shirt sporting the GT logo featured on the scavenger hunt boxes. Even if you don’t have a complete set, join us at the Mini Mart that evening for snacks and drinks and mingling with other creatives! We’ll be featuring art and performances by some of the artists whose work was supported through our Creative Project Recovery Grants in the fall (sponsored through the Office of Arts & Culture) and will be letting you know our progress as a new neighborhood association and our plans for the future.

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  1. I live in Columbia City. 1992-present. Georgetown is my go to. From Daimoji Sushi and Maruta Market, to Fonda La Katrina, Jules Mae’s (I played there in 1999); 9lb Hammer, Tacoma Screw. It’s a gem. I hope to get a hat. I need one. 🙂

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